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On October 1, 2020, “Beyond the Game” hosted an exclusive gathering of athletes at the Ford Motor Company/Lincoln Experience Center at the Dallas Cowboy Star District in Frisco, Texas. Utilizing the “Beyond the Game” film as a platform for athlete peer to peer support, education, and networking, we saw the further realization of our most vital mission. With the call to action of “For Athletes By Athletes”, meaningful relationships and opportunities were forged with those attending in response to the film’s similar pledge.

These “by invitation” events have and will continue to be held live and virtual, COVID protocol permitting, around the country with athletes sharing their stories, obtaining resources for their founded business and philanthropic endeavors, and experiencing the confidential and elite privileges of a coveted “inner circle”.

beyond the game
Join us now in viewing our subsequently produced ON-DEMAND program where the film and its “sneak peeks” serve as a unique vehicle to facilitate athlete awareness, discussion, and connection.
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