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Don’t miss our online event where we will bring you some of the voices and faces behind our documentary. We are sharing the stories of athletes overcoming adversity and putting in the hard work that is needed to transition from athlete to life beyond the game.

Hear never-before-told stories from athletes in their own words, covering subjects mostly ignored by popular media. These current and former athletes share insights from their development into elite players and their transition into life beyond the game. The film debunks myths, clarifies what the athletes really need you to hear, provides answers to questions rarely asked, and emphasizes the awareness of the life of an athlete, during his or her sport and beyond.


“Many athletes were interviewed from every sport, ranging from the NBA, WNBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, the Olympics, and a host of others. The players in the NBA and WNBA, current and former, as well as team owners, coaches, advisors, NBPA and NBA executive staff, even Euroleague basketball, play a major role in the film.”
– Susan Sember.

In addition to the pros, student-athletes were interviewed as well as the educators to highlight the earlier stages of the evolution of the world’s highest-performing athletes. The film includes cutting edge creative and technical organizations from around the globe, shot in a 4K-8K immersive and cinematically remarkable composition, edited for the giant screen, broadcast, Video on Demand (VOD), and other distribution sources.

This well-organized 90-minute film is not only being issued with these commercial sources internationally but will also be presented in a 60-minute version on a college tour at over 80 schools. Many of the film screenings on college and university campuses will be accompanied by current and former professional athletes as panelists, speakers, and moderators of discussions and forums.

We are looking forward to releasing the film, with ‘sneak peaks’ already occurring.

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