Put a California crew on the Colorado slopes and a camera man who shoots while snowboarding and you get some great behind the scenes stories as well as some action filled shots.
However, also intriguing is the status of today’s pro snowboarders, how they “make a living” and the challenges they encounter in pursuing their sport.
The increasing pressures of having to promote their personal brand through social media and with contracts that require the brands of their sponsors’ products to be promoted aggressively and continually, leave these athletes less time to practice. Salaries are often low and endorsements are critical. Yet, there are plenty of groms, living at home with their parents, that will push out content for companies, at no cost, simply for free gear.
So how do these rising snow sport stars compete using their authentic voice and serve as brand ambassadors on a professional level so that sponsors see the value? These are just a couple of issues raised along with some amazing extreme footage.