Although conducting business during COVID has been challenging at times, there have been many silver linings.

I had time to work on a book which serves as an accompaniment to the film. In it, I share stories of the journey about the making of the documentary; the filmmaking process behind it; reflections on and quotes from the athletes involved; in addition to showcasing the greater mission and call to action behind the documentary. Compiling the production stills and frame grabs for the book flooded my mind with countless memories and my heart with varied emotions. It was a welcomed pause to reflect on the years of work and all who have participated in “Beyond the Game”.

A huge undertaking, this film has also given me insights, not only into the lives of others and, in particular, the athletes, but my own, as well, unlike any other project I’ve created. Again and again, this film has assisted me in reminding me of my “why”, my purpose of passion in filmmaking and why in taking on this endeavor, I never gave up.

The limited edition oversized book, of 200 pages with exquisite photography and frames from the footage and revelatory text, is an artistic expression that found its roots during this quiet time at home… when a virus grounded me, both physically and emotionally, during the absence of travel. I look forward to sharing, “Beyond the Game: The Official Film Companion” through my lens with you.